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PiSig Labs.
PiSig Labs. is a small, but quickly growing team of hackers seeking perfection in our projects. Our Projects range from Web Design, to Operating Systems, to Tesla Coils, and just about anything else we think up. Feel free to E-MAIL US for any further information about our projects, or, if you would like to join PiSig. Ciao for Now!

ink       11-4-2001
Today the IDT works. After working on this stupid IDT for EVER, it finally works. Now we just need to get the corncob stuff working. viva the hot-swappable kernel!

Recent codefest...
alterEgo       7-19-01
We had a codefest last night/this morning. It was pretty good, except for some minor bathroom flooding(DONT ASK). We coded 'til 4:30am and got nothing done, but once we get the damn IDT in TTP working, TTP will progress _MUCH_ more rapidly. Then, this morning we went off to 7-11 and a thrift store. I need some better, newer incense. Peace.....

Well, it's more secure now.
INK       11-26-2000
Well, the page is now more secure.. A hole was brought to my attention where the url could be modified on page.php, but that has been fixed, along with another bug which caused a page to recursivle load itself, which could cause problems.. I actualy made these updates a while ago and did'nt write an article, but I did a few touch-ups today.. err.. yesterday (by 2 hours and 26 minutes).

This should replace the 'TEST' at the bottom
INK       10-9-2000
If my code works, the article titled 'TEST' will no longer be there! I eagerly await the moment.

More testing...
INK       10-9-2000
In my PHP is a thing to limit the displayed articles to 10, but I don't have enought to see if it actually works, so I gues there's no time like, well, now. :)

It works again!
INK       10-9-2000
Tril (the sysadmin of bespin, where our site is hosted) decided to upgrade the version of PHP (how kind) however, it changed something and the button generating function decided not to work. It's been like this for quite a while and I finally got off my ass to fix it, well, actually, I never left the chair, but I had to telnet. Thats enough work in itself. Fine, I'm lazy. Either way, it works, and I'm happy.

Yet Another New Version.
INK       8-20-2000
Well, I did a bit more tweaking and now it looks a it better in lynx. I was mostely fidgeting with the ALT tags of images, but it made a _huge_ difference. or at least to me. The little things that are wrong really bugged me. And, Lar, I coded _all_ the PHP myself without copy/paste or other copying.

New Version!
INK       8-17-2000
A new version of the site has been uploaded! There should not be any noticable difference from the last version, except that I changed the .gif's into .png's. This I did because our server ( had a version of GB (or whatever it's called... I always think GD, or whatever, G-Something!) that did not support .gifs or .jpegs, which I did'nt want anyway. Instead of wasting Tril's RAM by installing Apache again, I just found a way of doing .PNG! Tril (our Sysadmin) did not want to recompile apache again, I don't blame him, for he just did it for PHP4 and it takes awhile, also, I have been bugging him enough lately. I had some problems, but it was actually a messed up base .gif when I was converting it to .png with The GIMP. But anyway, now it works, and I for one am happy to not be serving it off my 26400 modem that drops a lot and bad DNS! YAY FOR TRIL!

Hey, it's not /.!
INK       8-8-2000
Well, I was just looking at the site, and some old article-things, and i noticed that it does not look like slashdot anymore! yay! (No offense to slashdot) It's just that there are soooo many slashdot rip-offs nowadays, I did'nt want to be exactly like that. Looks like it worked!

Updated Menu
INK       8-8-2000
I updated the menu bar, adding the red bulletted label, and the link section, who knows what is to come in the future?